In the ancient world gold was the preferred metal for making jewellery. It was rare, did not tarnish and best of all it was malleable, so it could be worked fairly easily.

Magnificent bracelets, pendants, necklaces, rings, armlets, earrings, diadems, head ornaments, pectoral ornaments and collars of gold were all produced in ancient Egypt, the land of the Pharaohs.

Jewellary for 21st Century

Costume jewellery can enliven a fashion wardrobe and bring a dash of panache especially for one off special occasions.  Costume jewellery can be superb.  The superb is usually plated at least seven times with 18 or 22 ct gold. 

For example Hashmi Asia does a range of good costume jewellery modelled on original fine gem pieces.  One of her trademarks is to make jewellery doubly useful and she produces sets of interchangeable earrings, pendants and tennis bracelets.  For example you might be able to slip a range of up to 10 different coloured stones, pearls or Swarovski crystals into an 18ct gold plated earring to vary the look.  His jewellery is exclusive and he is constantly working on new ideas such is her enthusiasm.

Highest grade Cubic Zirconium man made imitation diamonds often set in precious metals is of such a good standard that almost everyone can afford to have attractive jewellery.



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